Beginner Brush Lettering Kit is back in stock + something new!

Have you been thinking about learning brush lettering, but aren’t completely sure where to begin? In January I created the Beginner Brush Lettering Kit, which has 40 pages packed with tips & practice pages.

This book can be purchased as a digital download or a physical copy which comes with one or two brush pens that are great for beginners!


I created this booklet after I started getting asked frequently the best pens for beginners and how to get started! This book has been one of my favorite things that I’ve made so far. And now, I’ve decided that I think it’s time to do a continuation.

I am now working on an Intermediate Lettering Kit, which will feature the “next steps” in lettering. This will address the difficult letters, spacing, and connecting your letters together. These are some of the items that seem to be difficult once you’ve gotten the letter forms down. I plan to address all the letters that we hate & hope to encourage you to keep on trying!

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Intermediate Lettering Kit.png

Have a question about lettering? Be sure to send me a message or leave your questions in a comment below!

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Hand Lettering Christmas Wishlist

I’m realizing now that this may actually be too late to share, BUT then again…some people need last minute ideas & love to live on the edge.

Thus, here is the last minute Hand Lettering Christmas Wishlist.
The items on this list are either a great thing to get for your loved one who enjoys hand lettering OR are things that I think you should put on your wish list!

A lot of these items can actually be found at Hobby Lobby or Blick Art Stores- so be sure to check there as well as these websites I’ve provided!

  1. FineTec Gold Palette – this gold palette is praised for it’s gorgeous golden shimmer & said to be the best! I have some coming in the mail right now.
  2. Rhodia Notepad – this is the softest paper you’ll probably ever touch. It’s perfect for all forms of hand lettering as your nibs won’t get caught on the paper & the ink won’t blot. It is available in blank, grid, and dot pads.
  3. A Calligraphy Starter Kit
    1. Higgins Eternal Black Ink
    2. Nikko G Nib
    3. Speedball Straight Pen Holder
    4. Rhodia Notepad
  4. A Brush Calligraphy Starter Kit
    1. Tombow Fudenosuke Soft Tip Brush Pen
    2. Pentel Color Brush
    3. Tombow Dual Brush Pen (I recommend you start with just one)
    4. Rhodia Notepad
  5. Handcrafted Pen Holder (there are many different places to find these!)
  6. Modern Calligraphy Summit Registration ($$$$)
  7. A Calligraphy One-Step-Above Starter Kit
    1. Speedball Oblique Pen Holder
    2. Gillott 404 Nib
    3. Brause Steno Pen Nib (use on the Straight pen holder)
    4. Rhodia Notepad
  8. Handlettered Personalized Return Address Stamp (you can even do some research to see if their hand lettering can be put on the stamp- it CAN be done!)
  9. Resealable Cellophane Bags (if they have an Etsy & sell prints, these would be SO helpful!)
  10. Envelope Drying Rack
  11. Dinky Dips
  12. Pentel Aquash Water Brush – water color brush lettering is made really simple with this pen! I love it.
  13. Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen
  14. Dr. Martin’s Bleedproof White Ink
  15. Folded Horizon Pen – I’ve yet to use one of these, but I guess that makes this whole thing a genuine wish list. I’ve been wanting to try a folded pen really bad. I’m hoping to get one soon!

Okay, so by now I’m sure you can tell that I adore Rhodia notepads & have an obsession with brush pens. But I really think that these are some practical ideas of what you can get for your hand lettering loved ones!


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