Upcoming E-Course

Coming Soon: Intro to Brush Lettering E-Course

Back in January, I created the Beginner Brush Lettering Kit with the intention of releasing a video series alongside it. Since then, I have decided to up the ante and move toward the creation of an actual e-course. Eek!

I am really excited about this course and have jam-packed it with as much information as I can. Once purchased, you will be able to access this e-course forever and you can work through the material at your own pace! You can take as little time or as much time as you need to work on each step of the course AND you can re-watch it as many times as necessary, too!

You probably have some questions about my upcoming e-course. I am going to try to get to as much of it as I can right now!

What is contained in this e-course?

The Intro to Brush Lettering Course includes video instruction and a digital copy of my Beginner Brush Lettering Kit, which you can download and print once you’ve purchased the e-course!

What information is contained in the videos?

The videos include the following topics: Materials, Basic Things to Remember (holding the pen, creating strokes, paper to use, etc.), Beginner Strokes, Instruction on building each letter – both capital and lowercase letters, and Brush Pen Recommendations/Demonstrations.

When will the e-course be available?

I am currently in the editing/uploading process, which is probably the longest portion of creating these videos. I am working to get them finished as soon as possible! If you want to be the very first to hear about them once they are ready, sign up right here!

Will there be more e-courses later on?

My intention is to create a continuation course alongside an Intermediate Lettering Kit, however, I am also a full time student come August and so this may not come out until next year!

What materials should I buy before ordering the e-course?

Materials are actually the very first item discussed in the video series. You can get ahead by getting the Pentel Fude Touch, Tombow Fude- Soft Tip, & Rhodia Notepad. Beyond that, you will receive a download of the Beginner Brush Lettering Kit when you sign up!

Did I miss a question? Leave a comment below and I will respond as quickly as I can!